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Angry Monkey
6 January

Professional sysadmin. Amateur hacker. Occasional DJ. Hack photographer. Player of games. Incomplete sentence.

LJ — Obligatory cat blog
Twitter — Interesting links, camphotos, quotidian observations and preposterous lies
Flickr — Photos of people playing Ultimate and cavorting at parties. And, increasingly, weddings
Delicious — All the links fit to bookmark. I use their feeds as bookmark folders on my browser toolbar
last.fm — Moribund, but I think party playlists still get sent to it
Amazon — Buy me a pony (see also)

Yeah, I'm on Facebook, but only for the event and photo notifications, you understand. I don't actually read it. Any semblance of activity is just reposting from Twitter.

I don't do IM. It's so last decade. But I might buy a webcam and do Skype, coz video phones are teh future.